NChant is a fully-featured Chat Server (sometimes called 'talker'), compatible with NILEX line of talkers including Colloquy. This means that NChant works over a standard Telnet connection and doesn't rely on special client software such as IRC - the telnet program shipped with all versions of Windows is compatible with NChant.

Agile Development

One of the target applications for NChant is programming teams - An NChant server running in an agile development environment can significantly enhance communications within the team without being intrusive into the work environment.

All NILEX talkers have a plug-in mechanism through the use of Bots and NChant is no different, however because of the focus of NChant, it is shipped with bots specifically to help agile development. For example, NChant comes with a DracoBot which monitors a draco build server and informs all users who have registered that a build is occuring.


NChant is written in C# v2. Currently (early 2005), C# v2 is at beta1 and the .Net class libraries are a moving target. Once Beta2 is released, NChant will be modified with any changes necessary and hopefully after this point the number of API changes in .Net v2 will be minimal. NChant is currently not compatible with Mono v1.2 due to missing core libraries. Once Mono matures, it is expected NChant will be compatible with Mono.


NChant is released under the CPL. Please read the license file distributed with NChant. Logo